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Man seeks his happiness without knowing that he is searching it!

Happiness is not something that can be bought at the supermarket on the corner, nor is it something that can be established through predefined goals and scripts, since many variables that escape our control occur along the path that we go through our existence here on Earth.

Being happy is not something that can be turned on and off because we do not choose how our feelings will react to the situations and adversities that form our front.

In this way, we seek what we can’t seek and we find it in the most unexpected places, that possibly in none of our plans would think to have it that way.

Therefore, it is impossible to plan something that is not planning, because most of the time we don’t know consciously what will make us happy or sad, because often something we would think would make us happy comes with a sense of frustration and a empty that still needs to be filled.

Often, the man thinks that he is master of himself, he seeks to fill this emptiness with things that would not fill him at all, because one can’t fill the rectangular space with a square, just as one can’t fill something that is immaterial with what is material.

Understanding that happiness is not obtained with material things is the first step to understanding that one can not get it through ‘cold’ and ‘lifeless’ planning’, because true happiness can only be found in the set of things simpler and smaller, which alone may make no sense, but when agglutinated give us an immeasurable satisfaction, making life ever better and easier to live it, making conviviality with those around us better and better, as this will be a reflection of what we are radiating now.

Think of it as a wave that comes with all its strength when you are on the beach, which guarantees that it will not “break” before you dive underneath it, or that you will be able to predict if you decide to jump on it, if another wave even bigger doesn’t wait for you even before you can jump the first.

Understand that the variables so that you can be happy are within you and not in the world, for if you arrest the things that happen in the world around you, you can never find a true peace that will make you happy regardless of the circumstances.

Your happiness depends on how you are to you and not how the world is to you or how people think about you, therefore be happy and first of all be what you want to be.

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