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The Hudson River Crossing – A Dream I Had!


This morning I dreamed that I was making a precarious crossing of a great river.

It was not on a modern bridge, in a luxury car, it was a walk, barefoot, over a very precarious wooden bridge that in some places touched the waters of that river, to the point of wetting my feet.

The crossing was very long, but I was almost on the bank of that great river, a few meters away.

Thousands of people were accompanying me, and thousands were waiting on the opposite bank to cross.

I held a child on my lap, my other hand guided a slightly older one, which I held in the hand of a woman, whom I believe to be my wife and children, although I do not see their faces.

The bank of the river to which we arrived had a certain slope, a small hill, the road that followed was of beaten earth, a little muddy on the riverbank, probably because those people were treading on wet feet.

At the top of that little elevation were a few riders, riding their horses in battle clothes, standing in front of that crowd as if making sure the road was safe for all to go on.

At that time I heard someone say “Hudson River,” which is a 507 km river that runs from north to south, mainly through eastern New York in the United States.

The crossing was difficult and very risky, as the bridge swung with the waters of the river, but the fact of being at the end of the crossing gave me some relief.

I watch for this dream as the moments of tribulation that so many of us who are born again in Jesus are going through.

The difficulties of the Church of Christ these days, those who are murdered in the “holy wars” scattered throughout the world simply by professing their faith.

Of those who suffer day after day in a society corrupted in their values, where it becomes increasingly difficult to be what we are and profess our faith without being stigmatized and often treated as alienated by that society totally corrupted in its basic values.

Although it is near the end of the crossing, I feel saddened to remember the thousands who still wait to cross the bridge, which was as precarious and fragile as the world we live in, not knowing if it would be time for all those people to cross the bridge .

On the other hand, despite all the precariousness, I remember those soldiers in front of that crowd preparing a safe way to move forward, just as our mighty God does every day of our lives sending his angels to keep us from the misfortunes that this world of Darkness tempts us.

I would like to conclude by saying to my brethren in Christ spread by the four winds, that despite the difficulties never feel alone, because in spirit we are surrounded by a crowd and ahead of us, guiding our steps, goes the commander of the Celestial Armies so that we conclude our Crossing into this land of darkness in safety, until the day we meet with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

May the grace and peace of our Lord and Savior be with you all, my brothers!