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Free Ebooks at Amazon

Amazon offers free hundreds of e-books that can be purchased by anyone interested, just register on the website

  Once purchased the e-books are available in the Kindle virtual library and can be read on any Smartphone, simply install the Kindle app, log in with the password registered on the site that automatically all books purchased will appear in your library.

During the month of January and February two of my e-books will be available for free for a few days, which should occur every two months, save this post in your favorites to check the updates each period, because Amazon only allows That each e-book becomes available only for up to 5 days every two months.

Below the Link of our e-books, check the days that will be available for free and good reading!

E-Book Days
O Dia do Sorriso 05,06/05*04/06
Caminhos do Destino 11/05*01,02/06
Diary of a Prophet 02/05*10,11/06
Paths of Destiny ENCERRADO
Words of the Creator 120 Messages ENCERRADO
El Día de la Sonrisa 14,15/05*13,14/06*01/07
Supernatural Experiences ENCERRADO
Experiencias Sobrenaturales ENCERRADO
La humanidad está ajena ENCERRADO
Humanity is unaware ENCERRADO
Understanding the Mind of God ENCERRADO
How Much does Your Life Depend on You? ENCERRADO
The Diary of a Prophet II 07,08/05*05/06
La vida de un hombre depende de ello en qué medida? 12,13/05*12/06
Exhortations! 03,04/05*03/06