A brief reflection


How many of you have stopped to think that in your lives, you would never reach the full happiness that everyone longs for, even if you don’t show it or say you don’t care.

Imagine if you paused a bit to think and reflect on how, when and if it would occur in the life of each one of you.

Understand that you just stop and think and you will find that you will never find a magic formula that will serve for all human beings, but you will understand that happiness is unique for each of us, as if for each one there was an exclusive and individual project and that yours model was, after the planning, thrown away, being impossible that it’s redone again for another person.

Understanding this, each of you should ask yourself: how to find my happiness project?

This book will try to answer each one individually about this question, helping the one who is going on this reading to find your PERSONAL HAPPINESS PROJECT!

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